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I loved working with EasyProApps. I am completely new to the world of apps and they took me step by step through the entire process to create an app that would help me accomplish my business and marketing goals. My Pocket Parent app was released to 5 star reviews, ranks #1 for my top keywords, and I am thrilled with the result and having a new simple, innovative way to interact with those I serve. I’d recommend EasyProApps to anyone looking to publish an app to build their business.
— Brian R. King LCSW, (App Code: PARENTING)

 Publishing an app is hands down the BEST business decision I have ever made. And building my app with the good people at EasyPro Apps has been the BEST experience I have had in years! My App has changed my life and my business life forever. I am convinced that if you are an entrepreneur trying to differentiate yourself from your competition, and trying to stay not only relevant and a leader, but the #1 choice in your target market, you can no longer afford not to have an App! Because of my App, I am finally reaching lots of people who really need and value the services I offer. The folks at EasyPro Apps are consummate professionals, and tremendously knowledgeable on the technical front and on the marketing front – a combination that is virtually impossible to find in today’s marketplace. Without exception, they were completely available and supportive (I am a bit of a Neanderthal on the tech side) all the way through the process. They said what they did and they did what they said!
Jackie Black, PhD, BCC, Relationship Expert, Educator, Author & Coach (App Code- MYMARRIAGE)

Shoshana Bennett, Pd.D.Postpartum depression steals energy and motivation making it tough to search for help when it’s needed most.  Providing excellent resources to suffering new moms in the simplest way possible is important and EasyProApps was the answerCurrent clients who want extra support and others who desperately need first time help can find it on their mobile devices in just seconds.  They receive everything they need for recovery, and at the same time my personal services and products are promoted. I’m also having fun sending media interested in booking me to my app since it’s the easiest way for them to hear my radio shows and see me on camera.  One last note – I don’t understand the magic of how technical things work, but it didn’t matter!  The EasyProApps team is so patient and explained every step.  I highly recommend EasyProApps!
Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. (“Dr. Shosh”), Author, Speaker, Clinical Psychologist   (App Code – PPDGONE)

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