EasyProApps Premium App Hosting

Anyone can publish an ordinary app. We specialize in publishing extraordinary marketing-oriented apps that generate significant prospects, clients and customers for you, as well as provides high value to your app users.

EasyProApps uses a powerful, feature-rich, marketing-oriented platform for hosting for our apps that includes:

1. Unlimited Push Notifications: You can send unlimited push messages to your app users, even schedule multiple messages in advance

2. Universal Device Compatibility: Your app is published in Apple and Android app stores AND this platform hosts a web-based version compatible wilth all mobile devices

3. Content Management System: A web-based control panel you can use to update and edit your app content at any time (add events, update content, add new content, etc)

4. Technical Support: Any technical problems with the system are not your problem and will be taken care of for you

5. Unlimited Downloads: You aren’t at risk for exceeding memory limitations (most web hosts have such limits) when potentially thousands of people per month are downloading your app

6. Operating System Updates: When Apple and Android update their software you don’t need to worry about it as all future operating system updates are included

7. Tracking Stats: Track Apple and Android downloads for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns

8. Universal QR Code: Publish one QR code that works for all devices (sends Apple device users to the Apple app store to get your app, Android device users to the Android Market, and all others to the Web version)

This Premium App Hosting Platform is our biggest secret to publishing highly profitable apps! All of our apps require hosting on this platform for an additional fee, payable monthly or annually. The hosting fee is payable after your demo when you purchase your app and must be maintained for continued use of your app.

So let’s add this up… you could have an app developed elsewhere for $5,000-$10,000.00, host it yourself, pay a tech guy for all the updates needed, not have Push Notification capability (this is an advanced and expensive add on for custom apps), or have all the benefits listed above at a fraction of the price with EasyProApps to publish a beautiful app you’ll be proud to share with the world and will be a highly effective marketing tool for your business.

Just in case you’re wondering if it’s worth it, here’s what one of your colleagues has to say:

 Publishing an app is hands down the BEST business decision I have ever made. And building my app with the good people at EasyPro Apps has been the BEST experience I have had in years! My App has changed my life and my business life forever. I am convinced that if you are an entrepreneur trying to differentiate yourself from your competition, and trying to stay not only relevant and a leader, but the #1 choice in your target market, you can no longer afford not to have an App! Because of my App, I am finally reaching lots of people who really need and value the services I offer. The folks at EasyPro Apps are consummate professionals, and tremendously knowledgeable on the technical front and on the marketing front – a combination that is virtually impossible to find in today’s marketplace. Without exception, they were completely available and supportive (I am a bit of a Neanderthal on the tech side) all the way through the process. They said what they did and they did what they said!
Jackie Black, PhD, BCC, Relationship Expert, Educator, Author & Coach
www.DrJackieBlack.com (App Code- MYMARRIAGE)