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Are You Ready for an App?

We specialize in creating apps for helping professionals who want to share their expertise, make a bigger difference in the world, get more clients, and sell more books, products, services and programs.

Please consider these 4 questions to determine whether you’re ready for an app:

1. Do you have a specialty?

Apps work best when they address a specific problem or goal in your area of expertise.

2. Are you well established in your specialty?

Newbies should get some experience and a track record in their area of expertise to develop their credibility and value before venturing into apps.

3. Do you have a niche or clear target audience?

Marketing anything is more effective when targeted to a particular audience. Apps work best when they are designed to help a narrow niche market rather than highlight the information and try to reach a wide audience. For example, “Weight Loss” is a huge arena with a lot of brand name competition, however “Weight Loss for Seniors Over 70” or “The Video Gamer’s Guide to Losing Weight” will be far more effective and successful if you’re not trying to compete with Nutri-System or Weight Watchers.

4. Do you have your own content?

Apps work best when they have helpful, valuable information and tips to help your target audience solve their problem or achieve their goal, and will help your business far more effectively when the content is yours rather than distributing someone else’s content (with permission, of course).

How Much Does an App Cost?

Our cost is a fraction of developing an app elsewhere and includes publishing your app in the Apple and Android app stores as well as a mobile web version compatible with all web-enabled devices (Blackberry, Windows phones, etc).

Here’s a great article about the development cost of apps that quotes an average cost of $6,453.00. Rest assured our cost is very affordable and less than half of other options.

EasyProApps Purchase Options

OPTION 1: Single payment of $1,995.00

OPTION 2: Installment Plan- 4 monthly payments of $525.00

OPTION 3: Subscription Plan- $99.00 per month

All the details and fine print is here

Please note: in addition to the development options above, your app requires a
premium hosting plan that includes unlimited PUSH Notifications, Tech support,
CMS Software Access, hosting of the App and Software updates.
For more information about our hosting platform and all the benefits click here

I loved working with EasyProApps. I am completely new to the world of apps and they took me step by step through the entire process to create an app that would help me accomplish my business and marketing goals. My Pocket Parent app was released to 5 star reviews, ranks #1 for my top keywords, and I am thrilled with the result and having a new simple, innovative way to interact with those I serve. I’d recommend EasyProApps to anyone looking to publish an app to build their business.
— Brian R. King LCSW, (App Code: PARENTING)


EasyProApps is making it possible for me to keep my competitive edge and leverage mobile media marketing. I decided to publish an app because I recognize that the vast majority of my target market now finds information and purchases goods and services from their mobile phones and tablets and I am determined to stay relevant and in the game, so that means being a player in the mobile world. Having an app sets me apart from my competition and positions me as a leader and go-to person in my niche.
— Jackie Black, PhD, BCC, Relationship Expert, Educator, Author & Coach (App Code- MYMARRIAGE)

Here are some additional bonuses and benefits when you publish an app with EasyProApps:

  1. We are highly experienced small business owners and independent professionals who fully understand how to create an effective app that will generate significant prospects, clients, and customers for your unique service business
  2. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting the highest quality app at the most affordable price available anywhere
  3. Pre-publication interview to ensure your app is designed just the way you want it
  4. Post-publication consultation to strategize marketing your app, showing you how to send Push Notifications, etc
  5. Your own app promotion and SEO website at
  6. Expert SEO of your app in the app stores to achieve the highest possible ranking for your keywords so your prospects find YOU
  7. Access to your app’s web-based control panel for easy real-time updates, edits, posting events, etc
  8. Comprehensive tracking stats so you know exactly how many users have downloaded your app and when to assist your marketing efforts
  9. QR codes to market your app on your website, blog, social media, brochures, business cards, advertisements, etc
  10. Got questions? Need extra help? We’re always available to our customers and clients
  11. Don’t want to manage your app yourself? We provide an optional affordable App Management Plan that will take care of everything after your app is published, such as edits, updates, Push Notifications, posting events, etc.
  12. Mobile website version of your app accessible by any mobile browser
  13. And get this… we’ll even post your first review in the Apple and Android app stores to give your app a head start!

All of the above (except the optional App Management Plan) are provided at no extra cost when you publish your app with EasyProApps

Shoshana Bennett, Pd.D.Postpartum depression steals energy and motivation making it tough to search for help when it’s needed most. Providing excellent resources to suffering new moms in the simplest way possible is important and EasyProApps was the answer. Current clients who want extra support and others who desperately need first time help can find it on their mobile devices in just seconds. They receive everything they need for recovery, and at the same time my personal services and products are promoted. I’m also having fun sending media interested in booking me to my app since it’s the easiest way for them to hear my radio shows and see me on camera. One last note – I don’t understand the magic of how technical things work, but it didn’t matter! The EasyProApps team is so patient and explained every step. I highly recommend EasyProApps!
— Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. (“Dr. Shosh”), Author, Speaker, Clinical Psychologist (App Code – PPDGONE)